Ready to take your Learning Management System to the next level? With CypherWorx Accelerate, you can easily add any—or all—of our courses to your existing LMS!

For each requested course, a .zip file will be generated to get loaded into the client's LMS. This .zip file does not contain the course content, but instead includes the course’s manifest along with code that enables our servers to stream the content to the end user. Learners' results – course progress, lesson status, quiz scores, and so forth – are available through the reporting functionality of the client's LMS, just as if the course was installed locally there.

See more details about SCORM.

Technical Details

The client's LMS must support uploading SCORM 1.2 courses.

A separate environment from the LMS is used to deliver these courses. As the course is hosted on CypherWorx servers, CypherWorx has the ability to see the number of registrations for an organization. This is used to monitor usage and manage licenses. We do not store any personally identifying information on the learners.

Your organization may need to whitelist these domains if your organization has a firewall:


Some legacy courses may require Flash. These courses are being remade in HTML5 and will be updated in a phased approach.

Demo Course

We have made a demo course available for anyone who would like to test how it works in their LMS. Simply download the attached zip, which is the Adult and Child CPR Demo course, then upload it into your LMS.

If you're interested in having CypherWorx courses in your LMS, contact us to speak to a representative.